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Casper Mattress Queen

Positive reviews

Firstly and most interesting is that it has a three foam interior, which is different from the competition. It hits the Goldilocks spot (not too soft, not too firm). And of course Engineered and made in USA.

Easy to view products online, easy ordering, fast delivery in a box which is manageable. The box and cut it open with the provided letter opener. Three foams one being latex, nice visual appeal with quality textile, great customer reviews and much more.

The last pros - no hassle return (if you don't like it, they will come to your house and take it away).

Negative reviews

It's not your traditional spring mattress so it will take some time to get used to it but once you sleep on it, it just molds to your body.

Esle there some reviews that the pillows are very soft as well, not a lot of filler in them. The slipcover was all skewed and not fitting properly. The mattress is weak, sags, runs warm, and has no structural support.

All dogs and cats finds it very comfortable, unfortunately. So of you have pets, beware!

Overall, this mattress have over 91% positive reports from satisfied buyers. So make your choice with your head.