Resort Sleep Cool Memory Foam Mattress

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Resort Sleep Cool Memory Foam Mattress

Positive reviews

It's a nice firm mattress for those of you who like firm. Once you pick a spot the mattress you can feel it take you in! Love it. It doesn't hold heat and feels nice and cool. It is firm but you sink in after a few minutes. You will have no more pain due to pressure points. It is a warm bed so if you sleep cold this is perfect. For those who have scoliosis and osteoarthritis and have a hard time sleeping. You will wake up non stiff and not in pain with this bed.

The mattress seemed a bit firm at first, but conformed to our bodys shortly. No pressure points at all. Had no odors to it that You could really tell.

Smells? This slight chemical odor dissipated within a week and it will be really comfortable and extremely affordable.

All in all, this bed is what you hopped it would be. It is nice a soft and you sink in a little bit, and the right amount of firmness when you are wanting to turn.

Negative reviews

Some soctumers report that it could be too hard and uncomfortable. You just keep sinking into it while sleeping, and you abruptly wake up all night trying to hold on to the edge to pull yourself up and out of the giant hole that you and your spouse have created while sleeping.

When two people sleep on it together it's just impossible. You roll into each other. Two people can not sleep on this matress.

Overall, this mattress have over 88% positive reports from satisfied buyers. So make your choice with your head.